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You have come to the best place for high-quality, convenient ACT test preparation. This is the most effective and efficient ACT test preparation you can do, since you can do it whenever and wherever you want, and focus on what gives you the most difficulty on the ACT.

*** To better prepare your student for college, we create a personal learning plan, just them.

*** With the ACT Test Center, your teen builds the test-taking skills and confidence to score higher on test day.

*** Preparing your teen for college is one of the best investments in their future that you can make.

***  The ACT helps college admissions officers assess a student’s academic competence . Collectively with a student's academic record, it is a bench mark leading indicator of college success. Since its launch in 1926, the ACT has helped millions of students achieve academic success and today remains the most reliable, effective measure of a student's academic preparedness. The ACT tests the subject matter learned by students in high school and how well they use that knowledge—the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in college.

More than half of all colleges count ACT score to be among the top 3 most important variables used to asses each applicant’s admission worthiness, so your ACT score can make the difference when it comes to gaining admission into a college or university.

The ACT Test Center ‘s Promise:

***  Readiness Guarantee: If at the end of your prep period , you do not feel ready to take the test for which you are preparing, you may receive free counseling from our test center.

***   Score Increase Guarantee:  If, after taking our program, your score doesn't improve by 4 points, you may receive a refund.

***    Evaluate the test center’s program for 30 days risk free.  

***  If you are looking for an average score improvement, any test prep course will do. However, if you want to gain an advantage over other high school students applying to college, the ACT Test Center has engineered the perfect program for ACT  preparation.

**  The ACT is not a difficult test, but reaching your maximum score is somewhat challenging. Our Test Center for the ACT program contain everything you need to steadily improve your skills and confidence on the ACT test. The  program features engaging, expert and personalized lessons, available to you student easy format  through interactive lessons.

** Prep Assist provides a focused plan for a specific test and score objective. Prep Assist is perfect for students considering taking the ACT more than once throughout the year.

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