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The ACT Test Center is a trusted test prep and study guide provider to more than 11,000 high schools nationwide. On their behalf, we securely deliver an average of 10 million study guides per year to students who are seeking to  do well on the ACTs. Whether it’s their first test or, further developing their skills to improve on an existing score one, adding to their qualifications for a promotion, taking school entrance exams or simply for academic development, people taking tests want a reliable, convenient and hassle-free experience. ACT Test Center serves as an education leader, ensuring that students legitimately earn the score they seek to achieve, and thereby guaranteeing a fair testing experience for all.

Our years of expertise in test prep and delivery help schools create and deliver test prep that improves the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to measure. We are a reliable partner who works closely with our students to help determine their school requirements, as well as identify the goals of their test prep. We provide the right blend of expertise, guidance, execution and service and can work to customize a unique solution that fits your students’ specific needs.

From the beginning, we have been guided by an overarching objective…to enable the student taking the test. We are pioneers in the field of advanced test prep software and the first to convert interactive classroom instruction to multi-media solutions including on-line resource center, DVD set. Today, our College Test Prep and other advanced multi-media programs are taking tens of thousands of students to a whole new level of test prep.

Our goal in providing these comprehensive test prep tools is to help you understand the value of your education in relation to the test itself.


To assist parents and high schools in identifying potential students who can benefit from taking the ACTs.

To provide a communications link between high school students, other educational and test prep service providers, parents responsible for student information and guidance.

To provide information services to students and their families that will enable them to outperform their peers.

To cooperate with, and assist other education based institutions and educators, who support the total concept of goal.

To network with test centers, schools and parents who are responsible for creating student information systems that ultimately benefit their students’ long term success.

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